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Better Working


People Centric Workplaces


Supporting customer business with Martela Lifecycle®



Family business

Martela is about people and interaction over generations; about responsibilities that we all share over decades and lifetimes.

We look further than next quarter and the latest trends. Martela's corporate culture drives into the future with equal respect to the environment and the past.

What makes the difference is the lasting relations we share. That's what we call the Martela family.



User Driven Design

Technology and trends dominate our lives, while our basic human nature stays the same.

For us, design is the bridge to both understand people's needs and satisfy them.

To learn and solve. To make understandable and to deliver simplicity. Martela surprises with solutions that people really want, but never had time to come up with themselves.

It's user driven design, and you are the driver.


Passion for Innovations

People at work always deserve new solutions. Good environment can not be delivered with one product or idea. It's always a result of chain of choices, where people are taken into consideration.

It's about you, your work and to open your mind. We take innovations seriously, and play with creative ideas. But most of all, this is something we invite everyone to participate; new ideas.

Once you make it happen, you get the passion.




Since 1945 Martela's success is rooted in Finland. We have matured along with Finland and grown with our clients.

Finnishness is in our hearts and company culture. It's not about winning or being the best at any price; it's about getting those things you promise and start, properly done.


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